XTC Dive Center is a unique place for you to do your professional training.
The basis of any dive course is to begin with theory. After learning about things in theory, we can move on to practicing them in a safe, confined body of water. Once we have mastered things in confined water we can then finalize and perfect them in open water. Sound familiar? Professional dive courses follow the same principles as every other course that you have done so far. This means that we are going to need a classroom, a body of confined water (e.g. a swimming pool) and an open water site (e.g. the sea!).
There are few places in Mexico that have all three facilities in the same location but XTC is one of them. Having these three facilities within 100m of each other is one of the many reasons that make XTC Dive Center a unique place for you to do your professional training. Why spend valuable time travelling to different locations, when you can spend it practicing and perfecting your technique instead?


Our state of the art classroom has:

Air conditioning

Huge screen and over-head projector

Space to spread out with all your equipment, reserved only for IDC candidates when the course is in progress

Ample plugs for computers and tablets to be charged

Copies of all of the latest course manuals and DVDs

Multiple adult and infant CPR mannequins for practice

Training AEDs

Confined water

Onsite we have a purpose-built diving swimming pool with water that is too deep to stand up in and water that is shallow enough to stand.
Having the pool so close means that we have plenty of time for extra practice.
It’s also great for when you have some free time and you want to practice your dive skills or rescue scenarios.

Open Water

All of our open water sites are accessed from the pier that we have right outside the front door. The pier will either lead to a boat (more on that in a minute) or you could take advantage of the shallow shore dive that’s full of life right out front.
We have been lucky enough to have seen eagle rays, turtle and awesome macro e.g. seahorses right off the shore.
A lot of our workshops can be done here saving us valuable travel time and allowing you to spend more time working on your presentations.


Moored up at our pier we have 5 dive boats ready and waiting to take us to any one of the 20 or more dive sites at our disposal. Boat journeys range from 5 to 25 minutes depending on the dive site.
We are privileged to have a great diversity of topography and life on our dive sites, meaning that we can cover all of our objectives with ease.
We are also regularly visited by manatees, giant tarpon, eagle rays, turtles and much more whilst we do our open water training.


Our friendly and knowledgeable Course Directors and Instructors are waiting to hear from you with any questions that you may have.



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