Marine Conservation

At XTC Dive Center it is important to us that we give back to the ocean more than we get from it, so we are committed to making sure that our facilities are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our commitment to ocean conservation

At XTC Dive Center it is important to us that we give back to the ocean more than we get from it, so we are committed to making sure that our facilities are as environmentally friendly as possible.
We are always looking for new ideas or ways that we can improve, so please do feel free to give us feedback on this.
  • Assisting the local marine parks and authorities where possible
  • Ensuring that all of our students and instructors are following the 10 recommendations for divers and are diving not only in a safe, but also a sustainable way
  • Regularly scheduling dives to remove marine debris from our dive sites and reporting the data in order to help with national and international policy changes
  • Performing weekly beach cleans
  • Conducting reef check dives to provide vital data on the health of the reef in our area
  • Offering an additional “EcoPro” workshop with all of our Professional dive courses
  • Offering additional Project AWARE specialties to all Instructor candidates
  • Becoming a 100% AWARE dive center
  • Becoming a PADI “green” dive center
  • Following Green Fins advice and recommendations
  • Supporting Project AWARE
  • Minimizing our single-use plastics consumption
  • Recycling what we can
  • Providing free drinking water refills
  • Using recycled water through some of the resort facilities

GVI partners

XTC Dive Center is proud to be an official partner of GVI.

GVI were founded in 1998 and run volunteer and experience programs in 21 locations, in 13 countries around the World. Their Mexico project is based in Puerto Morales and offers volunteers the opportunity to work on ongoing marine conservation and community development projects in collaboration with the local community.

XTC can offer you a unique opportunity to combine your Divemaster and/or IDC program with a GVI Marine Conservation Internship where you will learn about coastal marine ecosystems by gathering scientific data and conducting coral monitoring and restoration research.

For more information about these internships contact us 

GVI’s commitment to running high-quality sustainable development and experiential education programs is perfectly complimented by XTC’s commitment to running high-quality, sustainable and experiential PADI professional training programs. We follow the same morals and values.

For more information about GVI, visit

Project AWARE partners

XTC Dive Center is proud to be a Project AWARE partner and 100% AWARE dive center!

Project AWARE is a not-for-profit ocean conservation charity based in the USA and UK. They take action to create both local and global change for the ocean and the communities that depend on it.

As part of being a 100% AWARE partner we will make a donation to Project AWARE on behalf of all of our students whenever we certify them for any PADI courses. Project AWARE uses these donations to fund ocean conservation projects all around the World. To show their appreciation Project AWARE awards each participating student diver with a special edition AWARE diver certification card.

Not only do we contribute to Project AWARE’s global movement financially, but we also support them in other ways as well…


  • We offer the full range of Project AWARE Student Specialty and Specialty Instructor courses. This means that our future Dive Pros can teach their students how to be environmentally responsible as well.
  • All of our guides and divers follow the 10 Tips for Divers
  • We dive against debris and report our data to Project AWARE
  • We have adopted a dive site – this means that we have made a commitment to perform regular dives against debris on this dive site and send the data for analysis
  • We publicize our efforts and encourage others to join with our My Ocean profile. You can also follow us at:

For more information about Project AWARE, visit


Our friendly and knowledgeable Course Directors and Instructors are waiting to hear from you with any questions that you may have.