The Divemaster course is an amazing experience and Xcalak, Mexico is one of the best places to do it


Congratulations! You’re obviously thinking about taking your first step on the PADI professional ladder and we’d love to help you achieve your goal! The Divemaster course is an amazing experience and Xcalak, Mexico is one of the best places to do it – we’re sure that you will enjoy hanging out in our marine park with our manatees and eagle rays whilst gaining this incredible experience!
The course itself builds on the problem-solving skills that you have developed in the PADI Rescue Diver program and extends their application from accident management and prevention to supervisory situations with students and certified divers. You will form the appropriate leadership attitude and feel prepared to make sound judgment calls.
You will learn how to problem-solve safety-related issues and to have a positive, solution-oriented attitude toward customer service, business and operational challenges with practical, hands-on experience in a working Dive Centre. Most importantly, as an XTC intern, you will learn to be an environmentally-aware Divemaster and help to preserve this fragile environment for future generations.


To enroll on a PADI Divemaster course, candidates must:


We do not include the price of PADI materials in our Professional level courses as we find that sometimes candidates prefer to buy them in advance. If you would like to purchase your required materials from us, then please let us know in advance so that we can have them shipped with enough time.



These recommended materials are available in the Dive Centre for you to use during your course.


Tanks and weights will be available for use throughout your course. In addition, you will need to have:

You will need to bring with you your dive computer (or time monitoring device + RDP), as well as a compass and DSMB. All other required equipment is available at a very reasonable price for you to rent for the duration of your course should you not wish to carry it with you. Do bear in mind though that, as a PADI Professional, you will be required to have this equipment in the future.

what's involved in the course?

As well as the required components of the course, we will also give you a PADI Pro Website workshop, as well as orientation to Dive Centre Management, everything from learning to plan events to filling tanks and servicing equipment. Remember, you will get out of the course what you put into it!
As a responsible dive center and a 100% AWARE Partner, XTC is very committed to ocean conservation and, as such, all candidates will also be involved with beach clean ups, Dives against Debris and working closely with the local community and Marine Park.

Divemaster candidates must meet all course performance requirements and:

At time of certification, you will also need to have:


Our 1 month DM program includes all of the following:

Extras with the 1 month extension…

PLUS even more extras on top with the 2 month extension…


Booking & Prices

We believe in transparent pricing. As a PADI professional you will be responsible for paying application and on-going membership fees directly to PADI to keep your rating. We have outlined these costs here, to the best of our ability, so that you can work out exactly how much the course, materials and application fees are going to cost you. Let us know if anything is unclear.









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